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Please carefully review these terms before utilising our service. Only individuals who are of legal age are permitted to use AcademicEra.co.uk. Any improper usage is strictly prohibited. After placing an order on our website, you have confirmed that you have read, understood, and agreed to all of our Terms & Conditions. If you send a request or make a payment, you are believed to have accepted all of these terms and conditions.

Order Placing & Registration:

The order is placed by filling out the Order form located in the Application. Other than what is asked, no services are provided.

The order form will specify the parameters, timeline, and scope of the work. It is entirely your responsibility to fill up every essential field on Our Order form with true, correct, and final data.

You will be asked for contact information while registering, including your name, email address, country of residence, and phone number. If you encounter any difficulties setting up your account, kindly contact customer support. Furthermore, it is solely your responsibility to update your profile as needed or let Support know if any of your contact information changes.

Payment & Discounts:

Orders may be paid for using credit cards, debit cards, or any other options provided by the business. In its sole discretion, the Company may provide discount and bonus programmes to Customers using one or more discount codes that they can use while completing the Order form.

The Company pledges to give every Customer in the Company equitable access to information about discounts and bonus programmes, without exception.

The Company may ask for more money or more time to complete Your Order after evaluating it because a manual assessment is necessary to determine the effect of the work completed to fulfil Your Order. Pre-Bookings are not refundable and cannot be transferred.

Order Delivery:

The Company is in charge of providing the service and adhering to the order's deadline.

The Customer is in charge of making sure that the delivery channels are open and downloading the service promptly. All orders are sent through the customer's account, and seven days after the deadline, the money is immediately released.

The task is regarded to be finished and no refund will be given after the agreed-upon amount is paid to the Writer.


To guarantee quality and client pleasure, the Company offers free modifications to the Client. For any dissertation, thesis, research proposal, thesis proposal, dissertation chapter writing, or other reasonably large assignments.

The customer must submit a revision request in writing within 45/60/90 calendar days of the order delivery date and no later than 30 days following the order delivery date in order to receive a free revision of the product.

If the revision deadline is missed, the customer has the option of paying more to have their purchase amended or ordering editing.

If the revision instructions conflict with the original Order requirements, the Quality Assurance Department maintains the right to reject a modification request. If the request complies with all specifications, The Company will provide a free revision of the service that was provided.

Use of Service:

You accept that an Order is only for your personal, non-commercial use when you pay for it. Your payment represents the time and effort put into doing relevant research, crafting your order, and carrying out the necessary maintenance and administration tasks required for the delivery of the Service.

The service may not be reproduced, modified, distributed, or displayed in any way other than what is logically necessary for individual usage on the Internet or in hard copy.

Writers who work for us give ownership of all submitted Products to our Company while our Company retains all copyright rights to the Products We supply.

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